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iPhone Tips and Tricks

I am always looking for ways to get better use out of my iPhone, but sadly, most of the posts are about useless.  I did run across a really useful post this week with several things I am not using and at least one thing of which I wasn’t already aware: 17 Genius Tricks Every iPad and iPhone User NEEDS To Know.  For example, why didn’t I already know #2?  And though I knew #9, I thought it only worked with two apps!

Speaking of iPhones, the only real complaint I have with my iPhone is battery life!  I am hoping this is much better on the iPhone 6.  Anyhow, there are things you can do to help with this.  While this isn’t the best article I have seen on it, there are a number of good suggestions here on how to improve your iPhone’s battery life.  Numbers 15 & 16 are the best, imho.



Trusting Retailers

I was reading through the news this morning and happened across an article titled, 3 In 10 Consumers Don’t Trust Retailers With Their Data.  I call bull on this.  Sure enough, the article supports the title with a study, but if 30% of the population doesn’t trust retailers with their data, why do they still allow retailers to have it?  Perhaps a better title would be, “3 In 10 Customers are Uncomfortable with Retailers Having Their Data, but Still Give it to Them.”

All this said, I don’t “trust” anyone with my data, but I fall into the same boat.  I still give data to retailers, though sometimes it is fake and sometimes it is selective data that prohibits them from finding me.  What I am saying is I understand the sentiment, but if we really don’t trust retailers, then we will stop giving them our data, and then, and only then, will things change.