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History Fading Away

I love seeing old photos side-by-side with new ones of the same area, but this site takes it to a new level.  Check out these civil war era photos that fade into current photos.  How cool!  Be sure to use the sliders, it makes it more real to me.



New Photo Project

I’ve mentioned a couple of times lately that I have been working on a new photography lighting project, and today I want to share the first sample from the completed project.  The lighting is based somewhat on Kinoflo lights, which are a brand that are used for professional headshot photography.  I love the soft light the Kinoflos provide, but I don’t appreciate the expense (thousands of dollars).  So I decided to make my own.  This headshot is a sample from the completed project:

Headshot Sample

Headshot Sample

I really like the triangle catchlights in the eyes, but I may be alone in that.  I do wonder if I need to tone them down a bit.  Anyhow, overall I am very pleased with the project, and looking forward to using the lighting more.