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Today is the Day!

Today is the day!!! We leave this afternoon for the first leg of our journey to Bogue Chitto, Mississippi for our annual mission trip to the Mississippi Band of the Choctaw Indians. We’re staying over tonight in Tupelo, Mississippi (praise God for hotel points!), and then tomorrow we will drive a few more hours to Bogue Chitto.

Would you please go check out our Choctaw 2014 GoFundMe page?  While you are at it, please don’t skip over the video slide show from last year.  I know that sounds boring.  Seriously, go check it out.

There were several new donations yesterday, and we are getting close to our goal. I will continue to ask though – won’t you consider a small donation to help pay for the transporation on this trip? Any amount helps.

During the week I hope to post updates here, and I will leave the fundraiser open until we get home. Once again, thank you to all who have given and all who are praying for us. May you be blessed by God.

Seven Things Jesus Would Say

What would Jesus say if He were a part of your small group?  I saw this article in my news reader and ignored it.  Why?  So many articles aren’t well written or thought out, and truly, how do we know what Jesus would say?  Despite my hesistation, I am glad I read this.  Aaron Armstrong did a fantastic job on this article, and backed most everything up with scripture.  That which was not backed up by scripture could certainly be concluded by reading the Bible.

Aaron hits hard with the first point, that Jesus would say we are too easy on church people.  AMEN.  AMEN.  AMEN.  However, point number five is the one that I think more people need to read/hear.  Yes, I am going to make you go read it yourself.

These aren’t the only things Jesus would say, of that I am sure, and I think most of the church would be amazed at what would come out of His mouth.  There is one thing for sure, He wouldn’t fit the mold we try to put Him in.

Now, go read the article and enjoy.  After you’re done, why not let me know your thoughts and anything you would add to the list?