The Chicken Chronicles

I am not sure I have even seen the chickens except from a distance this week.  Praise God for my lovely wife who has mostly taken care of them.  It has been a bit of a chaotic week that ended with me feeling a bit under the weather.  Thankfully I think that has mostly passed now.

The ladies aren’t feeling under the weather though, it seems.  I have been pleasantly shocked to see more of the Easter Eggers’ eggs in the egg cartons this week.  Even though the days are still short, perhaps they are itching to start laying again.  When I gather eggs I remind them, “I either have egg layers or meat birds, one of the two!”  This reminds me of a cute cartoon I saw sometime back:

Why the Chicken Crossed the Road


I decided to validate that they are laying more, and I was wrong!  The Rhode Island Reds have had a good week (20 last week, 22 this week), but the Easter Eggers are actually down from last week (9 last week, 8 this week).  That being said, they are laying more than they were just two weeks ago (2)

One of the big projects I need to get done is expanding the chicken run.  Our birds are fortunate in that we have a decent sized run for them, but they sure do enjoy getting out of the run and stretching their wings.  You ought to see these little ladies when they find some new bugs or worms – it is like Christmas morning to them!  Of course, expanding the run isn’t going to replace that free time out in the yard, but it sure will help us feel a little better about it when we aren’t home to let them out.

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