The Chicken Chronicles

A few weeks ago I had my first egg-bound hen, and this week I have my first double-yolked egg.  Check this mammoth out:

Double Yolk Egg

Double Yolk Egg Compared to Regular Egg

Obviously, the egg on the left is the double yolk egg and the egg on the right is a single yolk egg.  I know some of you are wondering if we cracked it yet, and we have:

Double Yolk Egg

Double Yolks

So you might be wondering, can a double yolk egg produce two chickens if it is fertilized?  Yep!  Check it out in this hatching video.  Apparently, it is rare for them to hatch, but as you can see, it is possible.  Mine, of course, aren’t fertilized, so that was never a consideration.  😀

The ladies are producing well still, laying 46 eggs this week.  I am still amazed that the Easter Eggers are outlaying the Rhode Island Reds.  The Rhode Island Reds are supposed to be the heavier layers and winter layers, but they are only averaging 0.71 eggs a day per bird, whereas the Easter Eggers are averaging 0.62 eggs a day.  Wait, did you read that?  It just goes to show we can’t always go by what our minds tell us.  I was sure the Easter Eggers were outlaying the Rhode Island Reds per bird, but the facts this week do not show that.  That means the Rhode Island Reds are laying almost five eggs a week each, and the Easter Eggers are averaging just 4.3 eggs a week.  I’m not complaining, that is for sure.

Speaking of that, look at the variety of colors we are getting:

Fresh Eggs

Color Variety in Our Eggs

Both of the two on the left are the “pink” eggs, which we think are laid from Easter Eggers, but they could be laid from Rhode Island Reds.  You can see a normal Rhode Island Red egg in the two eggs second from the right.

I think that is all the exciting egg news for the week other than the neighbors sure are loving the free fresh eggs.  One lady returned the favor this week with a fresh loaf of sourdough bread.  The boys said it sure tastes good.

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