Playing the Blues

This may come to a surprise to those who know me: I have a real appreciation for blues music.  The truth is, I like all kinds of music, from classical to country, pop to rap, blues to jazz, and everything inbetween.  However, blues is a music style that I really enjoy, and I have long had a fascination with blues harmonica.  In fact, about ten years ago I began teaching myself blues harmonica, and though I was never very good, I sure did enjoy it.  I have recently decided to pick this hobby back up, and am in the midst of teaching myself once again.

Lee Oskar Harmonica

Lee Oskar Harmonica

When I first started playing harmonica, I did considerable research into the instrument, and I finally decided Lee Oskar was the best brand for what I wanted.  The thing I liked most is that their instruments are easily repairable.  I still laugh a little at this decision, because I have yet to have a need to repair one, but it is nice to know they can be repaired if necessary.

You may be wondering what blues harmonica sounds like.  I thought you might ask this, so I have rounded up a few links for you to check out:


On of the links above comes from www.modernbluesharmonica.com, which happens to be the site I am using for my lessons. So far I am liking his style better than the books and CDs I listened to years ago when I first picked up a harmonica with the intent to learn it. Now to simply follow through with this and learn to play something more than simple tunes. 🙂

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