Some Things Don’t Make Sense

Some things don’t make sense.  Sometimes these things that don’t make sense frustrate me more than they should.  Today I encountered one of those things.

I live in the state of Kentucky.  I was preparing to pay my car registration and thought about mailing it in.  Then I was reminded why I dislike doing this:





I cut that off a little short; it should have showed a $2 fee.  This makes no good sense to me.  Well, let me rephrase.  I understand that they have to mail an envelope back to me, but a $2 fee for this is absurd.  I chose not to do this on principle.

Then I noticed that you can pay on the Internet.  I was once again reminded why I dislike doing this:



In case you can’t see that good, there is a $5 convenience fee for renewing on the Internet.  While the $2 fee can be justified, I suppose, an extra $3 cannot, in my mind.  If a system is set up properly, there will be reduced costs for the County Clerk if paid online.  They said it right though, it is a convenience fee.  I believe they know that folks don’t want to drive to the courthouse to pay this, and because of that they can make an extra $3.  When a business chooses to do this, that is their choice as a business.  I may not like it, and I can choose to shop elsewhere.  When a government does this, it is somewhat akin to robbery in my humble opinion.  Now, the truth of the matter is that I don’t have to pay online, and I didn’t.  It still doesn’t change the principle of the matter though.

Even if I am frustrated about it again next year, I very well may choose to pay it.  It depends on my mood.  It probably would save money over a drive to the courthouse, but in this case my wife is going to Benton anyhow.

Okay, rant over.

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