Choctaw update

It is amazing to me how different the trip can be this year from last year.

To begin with, the water was out the first couple of days. A waterline had burst in the woods near the church. Even so, we have really been blessed.

Yesterday and today we have spent much of our time helping the pastor of the church which houses us and hi wife move. They have taken over two more local churches, including the one where the chief attends church.

Last night we also did Bible school with the local youth, and we had an adult Bible study which was fantastic. There were 10 or so adults in the class – about twice as many as last year. Tonight we will also have vacation Bible school for the children, and it is our groups night to lead. We will be teaching on the Fruit of the Spirit. We will also be working with the adults again, which is where my heart really is.

After the moving today, we walked around the tribal Council area and prayed for the leadership, all of the social services that are offered here, and the people in general.

Hopefully, later I will be able to share some pictures I have taken. There were really some adorable little kids at the vacation Bible school last night.

As I understand it, we are going to have Indian tacos tomorrow night or Thursday night. That will be a real treat. Even though I don’t eat bread most of the year I will eat it for this trip.

Thanks again for the prayers, and if you wish to give to help pay for the transportation on the trip, it isn’t too late. Just visit our site: Choctaw 2014

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